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How to Improve Family Health and Fitness

By Marilyn G. Combs / January 25, 2017

The health and fitness of your family is something every parent should take seriously. Introducing some of the following ideas could help you to improve their lifestyle to improve their immediate and long-term health. 1. One solution is to start using healthy family recipes, which can be found in family publications online and in print. […]


Weight Loss Inspiration – The Key to Weight Loss

By Marilyn G. Combs / January 13, 2017

Weight loss inspiration is an essential key element and ingredient for any weight loss challenge or program that you’re looking at doing. Every challenge that we face in our lives is not easy, but our inspiration and support group can help us reach most of our goals. Losing weight is one of them, and to […]


True Beauty – Tips to Help Boost Your Beauty Confidence

By Marilyn G. Combs / January 1, 2017

Women are constantly reminded of having to always look beautiful and the millions of ways they can accomplish it. True beauty is unique to the individual but every woman has the ability to boost her beauty confidence. By following these essential beauty tips, you can find ways to feel good about yourself and your appearance. […]