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The Best Health and Fitness Strategies

By Marilyn G. Combs / May 29, 2017

Health and fitness are two categories that everyone knows a little bit about. While most of us can give a simple description of some methods for practicing proper health and fitness, there are still many key factors that are overlooked or completely unknown. For those of you striving to get a six pack, tone those […]


Make These Three Strategic Changes For Weight Loss Success

By Marilyn G. Combs / May 17, 2017

We are all constantly bombarded with diet and exercise tips, plans and programs and with so much information and advice to wade through many people simply throw up their hands in confusion as it all seems too hard. With so much so-called ‘expert’ information around you would think we should all be slim and trim. […]


Natural Beauty Secrets – The Benefits of Natural Beauty

By Marilyn G. Combs / May 5, 2017

Women all over the world are literally dying to know natural beauty secrets. The truth is, natural beauty secrets are not really all that secret. Everywhere a woman looks, she can find all natural ways to become someone that is truly beautiful. A couple of the biggest beauty secrets entail nothing more than loving yourself […]