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The Central Role Of Dieting In Health And Fitness

By Marilyn G. Combs / June 30, 2017

The current obsession with health and fitness is concentrating on physical activity while neglecting the pivotal role played by proper dieting. To assert that there is a health and fitness craze in society today is to make an understatement. There are not enough superlatives to describe what is happening in gyms and nutrition classes. Homes […]


A Therapeutic and Relaxing Weight Loss Retreat

By Marilyn G. Combs / June 18, 2017

It is a known fact that many men and women of today are getting fatter and fatter. This is all attributed to sumptuous foods served on the table, enticing advertisements of foods, and even discount coupons on certain restaurants. Gradually, love handle becomes bigger and weight increases. But most people are not able to do […]


Fitness Beauties – It’s Not Always What You Think

By Marilyn G. Combs / June 6, 2017

You see them in fashion magazines, fitness magazines and health magazines- beautiful, ideally “fit” and gorgeous-looking fitness beauties. But are they to be envied? These models you see in magazines, on television or other media aren’t always the “ideal” or the norm, nor are they always society’s version of what is beautiful or “fit,” although […]