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The Simple Home Based Tips to Protect and Care for Your Eyes, Lips and Hair

The Simple Home Based Tips to Protect and Care for Your Eyes, Lips and Hair

Eye Care:

1. Avoid looking directly into bright objects with naked eyes. For example the sun, bright lights, lightning etc.

2. Do not strain your eyes too much while stitching or doing embroidery work or knitting.

3. Do not sit with your head bent for too long.

4. Limit your television viewing time as this affects the eyes.

5. Sleeping late at nights and sleeping too long during the day also causes swelling of eyes.

6. Do not read very fine prints at a stretch for too long. It strains the eyes.

7. Always read wherever there is proper lighting.

8. Avoid tension and stress as this causes dark circles around the eyes.

9. Avoid places where there is a lot of dust or mud. It irritates the eyes.

10. Do not wash your eyes with hot water and never use hot water on the head while bathing as it affects the eyes.

11. Every morning wash your eyes with water. Take a bowl of water and dip your eyes into it. It is always good to wash your eyes occasionally with cold water.

12. Put salt in lukewarm water and use this to wash your eyes at night. This remedy cures a lot of eye ailments.

13. Dip cotton in rosewater or milk or almond oil and keep it on the eyes to soothe tired eyes.

Lip Care:

1. Eat nutritious foods for healthy lips.

2. Avoid sun and smoking.

3. Avoid biting lips as it causes the lips to swell.

4. Apply tomato paste and milk cream for soft lips.

5. Apply a mixture of rose petals and milk cream to preserve the red color of lips.

6. Applying almond paste adds a glow to lips

Hair Care

1. Indian gooseberry powder mixed with water is good for hair. It makes the hair dark, lustrous and shiny.

2. Use of Reetha powder is good for dandruff.

3. For falling hair, use a paste of lemon leaves and apply to hair.

4. For long lustrous hair, use Indian gooseberry, Reetha and Shikakai powders for washing hair.

5. Soak fenugreek seeds overnight. Use the water in which it is soaked for massaging your scalp in the morning. Wash your hair after half an hour.

6. Once a week massage your scalp with curds. Leave for some time. Then wash off. It strengthens your hair and also adds shine to it.

7. Never backcomb your hair.

8. Never comb wet hair.

9. Do not rub hard with a towel to dry hair. It causes hair fall.

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